Top Senator Fabric:: Dress up For The Season in Kubis Fabrics

Senator fabric is one of the most sorted men fabric. it fits and it is admired on men of various ages. Kubis is a top Nigerian fabric store with over two decades in business. The company has served clients in Nigeria and abroad. Furthermore, we supply Nigeria senator fabric locally and internationally.

Kubis fabric is a pacesetter in the Nigerian fashion industry with multiple awards, top Nigerians personalities and A list of celebrities as clients.

Top Senator Fabric in 2019

As the year runs to an end we know you will love to give yourself a treat with some of the best fabrics. Who else is best to provide what you need I, not Kubis fabrics.

You do not have to come to our store that is open or 6 days of the weeks as you can patronize us on

So back at it, let us take a rundown of the top senator fabric for men in 2019.

Sky blue designed material

It is available in various shades of colors to choose from




A fine combination of gold lines and dark brown shade of color. The material is a well-designed senator fabric for men and certainly worth it for the season.

Dotted wool Cashmere material

This is one of our new arrivals. So be assured that you are getting a rarely seen senator fabric. Again it is available in different shades of colors to choose from.


Also a new arrival, it is super cool design and rare as well. The design features a cool dark bak ground color and horizontal stripes across. It is certainly a material that you can play around with a lot of styles.


We encourage you to make us your first and last stop for the coolest Nigerian fabrics. As we only offer you the best fabrics available. Let the quality of our fabrics speak for us.


Christmas Gift For The Christmas Season

As the Yuletide season dawns on us we can help but think to what folks as Christmas gift. It is a season of love and sharing gifts with loved ones. But sometimes picking a gift could be a serious heartache as it can get confusing. Kubis Fabrics limited is determined to be a part of your gift Christmas gift sharing season.

More than we would love your patronage, we like to see you have the best in this season of love. Because we aimed at putting bright smiles on the face of the ones that patronize us…

What best to give your loved ones if not fabrics. Fabrics are a perfect Christmas gift that could last long ion the memories of the receiver for a long time to come…

Under 30k Kubis Christmas Gift Fabrics For Women

Kubis fabrics give you nothing short of the best fabrics in the world. We have customized materials that have graced some of the biggest events in Nigeria and abroad.

We would present our top sales materials that you can send to your folks as a Christmas gift this season.

Blue Electric Tulle Lace

Blue Electric Tulle Lace

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Flowery Designed Sequins Net Lace


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Glitter Skeen Lace

Glitter Skeen Lace

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Net Lace With Glittering

Green Sequin Net Lace

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Patch Sequins Lace on Fish Net

Patch Sequins Lace on Fish Net

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Have a nice Christmas season in fun glittering in a Kubis Fabrics outfit.